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Meditation in 60 seconds...  As considered in the Learn Something New section of Simple Things Magasine.  Meditation is rooted in Buddhism, but is now practiced by those who are interested in the science behind it, according to this article, and regular practice can 'help boost mood, reduce stress, sharpen memory, aid restful sleep...'  Not bad!  For between classes or if you can't make it to a class and want to use your mobile or computer have a look at, or

The article also points out not to worry if your mind wanders, returning to your 'to-do list or what to have for dinner'.  It's perfectly normal.   It's what minds do.  'Don't be deterred', we are told '-once meditation becomes a habit, it is, to quote Emma Watson, "Kind of genius." '

Go on give it a go!  Don't fancy going it alone?  Pop along to one of my classes and find out what it's all about.meditation

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