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A Modern day Code of Ethics... as relevant today as it was when it was written 2000 years ago.  Patanjali, sometimes known as the Father of Yoga, included  within the Yoga Sutra, a Code of Ethics for living - Yamas (abstinences) and Niyamas (observances).  There are 5 of each, some of which may seem familiar:

Yamas                                                    Niyamas

Ahimsa (Non-violence)                           Sauca (Purity)

Satya (Truthfulness)                               Samtosha (Contentment)

Asteya (Non-stealing)                             Tapas (Spiritual Austerity)

Brachmacharya (Continence)                 Svadhyaya (Spiritual study)

Aparigraha (Non-hoarding)                     Ishwara Pranidhana (Surrender all we do to God or a Higher Purpose)

We are considering one per week during our practice this term.  They can have additional meanings and interpretations to those given above. For example Non-violence can be applied to our yoga practice i.e. not doing ourselves any harm during our practice, working with our bodies, limitations/health conditions etc.  Asteya (Non-stealing) could mean not using more than we need and looking after the environment.  As I said still as relevant today  - Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.


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