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Why counting backwards from 27 can help you sleep...

It can't be a coincidence that when new students start my classes they often comment on what a good night's sleep they have after a class, even one in the daytime and even if they aren't usually good sleepers.   The effect is no doubt due to the combination of the relaxation/meditation in the class along with the asana (poses) and breathing practices (pranayama).  The latter could be a more complex practice such as alternate nostril breathing or something as simple as counting the breath, as follows:

Breathe in, saying silently to yourself: 'I am breathing in 27' Then, breathe out, saying silently to yourself: 'I am breathing out 27'

Count backwards in this way to zero i.e. 'I am breathing in 26' and 'I am breathing out 26'

If you lose track simply go back to 27.

If you get to zero, start again at 27.

This is great for relaxation or indeed if you need to get off to sleep.  Great for getting back to sleep if you wake up in the night.  Just try it next time you have trouble sleeping.  Sweet dreams...zzzzzzz





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