Simple breathing to help with exam stress

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Exam season is upon us and this is a simple breathing technique which may help.  It is fine for anyone to practise and can help to slow the breathing and reduce feelings of anxiety.   This breath was taught to me on a British Wheel of Yoga ( First Aid course by a nurse who is also a yoga teacher, as an anti-anxiety breath.  I hope it helps you or someone you know.

1 Breathe in saying silently to yourself  'I am breathing in'  

2 Breathe out saying silently to yourself  'I am breathing out'

3 Before you breathe in again say silently to yourself  'one thousand, two thousand'

4 Repeat from 1

5 If for any reason this practice doesn't suit you, let it go and allow the breath to settle back into its natural rhythm.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

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